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  • We Will Customize and Implement a Procurement Strategy to Meet Your Needs

    Energy supply requirements are continuously becoming more complex and yet, can be a more controllable expense for your operations.   LEARN MORE

  • How to Take Advantage of the Deregulated Energy Markets?

    Over the last two decades, energy deregulation has created significant cost savings opportunities and has allowed industrial and commercial customers to manage their energy purchases like never before.  READ MORE

    • Quarterly Market Outlook

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      An up to date analysis of the current market and global events affecting your energy costs - presented by Darrel Palmer, President of EMR.

    • Are You Paying More Than You Should?

      Utility bills can be confusing!  Do you understand utility rate tariffs, regulations and billing procedures?  Most companies don't, leaving thousands of dollars on the table.  Let us examine your utility bills to see if you are paying too much.  LEARN MORE


      • When Is The Best Time to Purchase Energy?

        Energy is a commodity that changes its price every minute of every day!  Understanding the current state of the market can make all the difference in your sourcing decisions. Whether you want to beat the market or are striving for budget certainty FIND OUT how we can help you monitor the market.